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Message after copy repository to another

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Hello everyone,
I need some help with a copy job.
I disable the "copy job" and then copied from Repository(Windows) to Repository(Immutability Linux).
I am getting an error saying that it cannot remove the file; and this file does not exist in the source(Windows) of the repository copy:

"Unable to apply retention policy: failed to delete backup files Error: No such file or directory POSIX: Failed to open file [/veeamxfsrepo/backups/PA4_C3_APP_STD_08/LIL73NT.vm-8906D2022-10-01T083719_23A7.vbk]. Failed to invoke rpc command"

I did the rescan repository (LIN and WIN) but the error persist, open a case: Case #05909279

Fernando Souza
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Re: Message after copy repository to another

Post by Mildur »

Hi Fernando

I see that you are already working on your technical issue with your assigned system engineer.
Our system engineer last email to you was last Friday. Please give him an update if it's still not working.

Product Management Analyst @ Veeam Software
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