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Microsoft SQL Log Truncation

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Hi Community,

we replicate virtual Windows servers that hosts an instance of Microsoft SQL Server to another VMWare host, to quickly make a copy online if the productive host fails, and we also back up some of those important servers with a normal backup, to be able to return to an earlier version. Both variants offer the possibility to truncate the SQL transaction logs. I've set the log truncation now in that way that the transaction logs will not be truncated at replication, but only at the normal backup. For servers that are only replicated, truncation is done during replication. Is this a supported way or is there another best practice recommendation for this case?

Thanks in advance & Bye Tom

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Re: Microsoft SQL Log Truncation

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Yes, that is totally supported. If the transaction logs are necessary in the backups to minimize data loss and a backup has not been performed before a Veeam replication job, it is recommended to use "Do not truncate logs" on the Veeam replication job.

Thank you

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