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Monthly Backups Only

Post by PaulVM »

I have a customer who will be using NetApp Storage utilising NFS and NetApp SnapProtect (rebadged cut down version of CommVault) to do backups upto the Weekly granularity to benefit from NetApp snapshots and replication.

They however want an Offsite backup for which they intend to use Veeam to a Whitewater Appliance. Will there be any issues with this other that scheduling around SQL Transaction Logs, Changed Block Tracking or anything else?

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Re: Monthly Backups Only

Post by veremin »

Hi, Paul.

If this customer is going to use Veeam only on monthly basis, then, it might be worth sticking to “always full backup” scenario, since transferring monthly-worth changes might take the same time the full backup takes. Though, no issues are expected in case of "monthly only" schedule.


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