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Moving a VM opver WAN (IPSEC VPN)

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We need to move a VM (one off move) from Site A to Site B over an IPSEC VPN.

The WAN Links are 20mbps and 40mbps.

VM is just a backup DC on Server 2012, pretty much just the OS installed.

What is the best way to move this VM over? We have at most from Friday evening to Monday morning to ensure its done.

1) Cold Vmotion? (unsure if this will taker too long, or risk corruptions?)
2) Veeam? Take a backup, copy onto external HDD, physically take to Site B and restore?
3) VeeamZip or similar utility/tool?
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Re: Moving a VM opver WAN (IPSEC VPN)

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Could your Veeam B&R Server at Site A (I presume that is where it is located) replicate the VM to Site B? Then do a permanent failover? No downtime when doing that...
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Re: Moving a VM opver WAN (IPSEC VPN)

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I would also recommend using replication jobs with permanent failover option. Veeam backup and restore operation would also work.
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