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NAS as a datastore - possible options question

Post by Fisz » Jul 31, 2018 9:18 am

We're soon migrating from VDP to Veeam, and I have question regard datastore for storing backups in Veeam. We have 2x Synology DS1513+ (RAID5, 5x WD Blacks) in HA mode (slave automatically replicates from the master).
Currently I've deployed some Windows 2019 test machine with trial Veeam on it, and I see 2 options for storing our backups:
  • 1. Connect our NAS via ISCSI on Windows machine, and store the backups from Veeam there
  • 2. or make a VMDK on NAS datastore in vSphere (it's already connected via iSCSI to vSphere), and then add this disk to w2019 machine
What are best practices to achieve high performance from this NAS (I know that they're not high-end, but full VM backups from VDP are tragically slow).
Also is it possible (or even it would give some better performance), when we remove both DS1513+'s from the HA cluster, so each NAS will be independent, and we'll create a backup job on Veeam to store backups on 1st nas, and replicate it to the 2nd?

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Re: NAS as a datastore - possible options question

Post by veremin » Jul 31, 2018 12:47 pm

The first option is recommended here. The second one has number of drawbacks mentioned in this thread. Thanks.

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