[Feature request] Netapp Restore (vserver-dr-protection)

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[Feature request] Netapp Restore (vserver-dr-protection)

Veeam Logoby thomas.eigenmann » Mon Sep 18, 2017 3:26 pm

We have netapp volumes which are not vserver-dr-protected (attribute vserver-dr-protection: unprotected).
If we want to do a instant vm recovery of a vm on this volume the vol clone command fails: Failed to create clone of volume ...

it would be nice if veeam would create the vol clone command every time with the attribute "vserver-dr-protection" set to "unprotected" although the source volume is "protected".

Here are two commands. the first one fails (i think veeam would do it like this):
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vol clone create -vserver ... -flexclone test -type RW -parent-vserver ... -parent-volume ...

=> Error: command failed: Cannot protect volume ... because the parent volume is unprotected in the Vserver DR relationship. If volume requires Vserver DR protection, protect the parent volume first using the "volume modify -vserver-dr-protection protected" command. Otherwise, to create a clone without protection, specify the "-vserver-dr-protection unprotected" parameter:

The second one works (with -vserver-dr-protection unprotected)
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vol clone create -vserver ... -flexclone test -type RW -parent-vserver ... -parent-volume ... -vserver-dr-protection unproteced

=> Job succeded: Successful

Thank you.
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Re: [Feature request] Netapp Restore (vserver-dr-protection)

Veeam Logoby foggy » Fri Oct 06, 2017 12:19 pm

Hi Thomas, thanks for the request. Actually we already have this on the list for the future versions.
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