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Networkless backup and replication

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actually we have following environment:

- nexenta storage
- hp storage

nexenta storage is not able to setup read only luns, in the past we testet networkless backup
via fibre channel .. some of nexenta luns was destroyed by windows I think.

now we switchet to veeam backup inside a virtual applianse.

what I actually do is using hotadd and write data to a cifs share ==> reading of source is
actually networkles, only write to destination.

my idea is setup a 2 luns on second storage:

- one for backup
- one for replication

1.) backup
- if i do a backup on a lun of a second storage ==> backup from hotadded harddisk directly
to local virtual disk which is attached on second lun
- backup to tape: if I use backupstorage with possibility read only luns ==> backup via
fibre possible, if I use other storage ==> no backup via fibe possible , network use instead

2.) replication
- still use network I assume ?

is this correct?



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Re: Networkless backup and replication

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Hello, Axel.

a) ok
b) If you are talking about using the storage without the possibility to make LUNs read-only as a source, then you still can get advantage of data retrieval via Fiber Channel using Direct SAN mode. Data will be written to target using the Network mode in this case.

2. Data flow in case of replication is as follows: Disk > Source proxy > Network > Target proxy > Disk. In case where both source and target proxies are installed on virtual servers registered on hosts that have a direct connection to the source and target datastores respectively, Virtual Appliance mode will be used for both data reading and writing. In this case you data will be transferred across network only between proxies.


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