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New Linux hotadd proxy

Post by mkretzer »

Has anyone of you used the new linux hotadd proxy in production?

We want to switch all our proxys to linux after we had some ussues with the windows proxies in the past.

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Re: New Linux hotadd proxy

Post by veremin »

Currently there are no known issues with Linux Proxies. So, given the v10 adoption rate, I would say you're pretty safe to switch to Linux proxies.

That's said, it would not harm to test Linux proxies on couple of jobs before committing the whole backup infrastructure to this proxy type.


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Re: New Linux hotadd proxy

Post by garth1138 » 1 person likes this post

Check out my post. I've done it. Flawless.
vmware-vsphere-f24/recommendation-for-l ... 65637.html

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