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New Veeam 10 Console slow to open...

Post by neilp »

Has anyone noticed their Veeam Console slow to open? I have 8 vCPU and 8 GB Ram for the server and this is a brand new installation.

I get the "please wait. This operation is taking longer then expected. Keep waiting, or click cancel to terminate it".

The console does eventually open after 3-4 minutes of waiting

Is there a patch or workaround to speed up opening the console?


Egor Yakovlev
Veeam Software
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Re: New Veeam 10 Console slow to open...

Post by Egor Yakovlev »

Hi Neil,
it is worth checking for errors under shell log at C:\Program Data\Veeam\Backup\Console\[username].[servername].log, and if its clear, open a support ticket and share it's ID here.

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