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Newbie: V6 design for DR

Post by SunkistDavid »

Hello all - I'm extremely excited about the V6 release. I'm new to Veeam Backup and Replication and our company that I just started out runs V5. In planning for V5 I have some questions.
First the background.
We have a two site environment with a site in SoCal and one in Arizona. We currently utilize Veeam v5 to replicate to the Arizona site. We only replicate a limited number of VMWare VM's due to SAN storage limitatations at the DR site. In the past we would run a Veeam backup to local disk at the Production site and then backup the resulting files via Backup Exec. Then at the DR site we would restore the files via Backup Exec and use V5 to mount the VM's onto locally running storage. Not the best process and its failed. Now with V6 I'm thinking of installing 2 Enterprise NAS systems one at the Production site and one at the DR site for additional storage and to run Low Tier 2 and Tier 3 VM's. i.e. non heavy SQL, some access servers, etc... About 15 VM with a combined normal IOPS of around 400.

So here is what I'm thinking

Primary Site

ESX Server with attached SAN
Veeam Backup Server
Veeam Proxy Server

DR Site

ESX Server DR with attached SAN
Veeam Proxy Server

Veeam Backup Server
ESX Server DR #2 connected to NAS via NFS (Always a discussion if better to run ISCSI versus NFS)

I will setup the backup server to replicate Tier 1 VM's from the primary site to the DR site (ESX DR with Attached SAN)

I will setup the backup server to backup Tier 2/3 VM to the production NAS. On the Production NAS I will replicate, using the NAS replication function, the backup to the the DR site NAS. During DR I will utilize Veeam Backup Server, connected to the NAS, to attach to the backups on a the NAS and restore them to a NFS share on the same DR NAS. I will then bring them online via the VI Client software from ESX Server DR #2.

Hope makes sense and I can send the visio diagram for this to anyone if they feel that would be more helpful.

Ideas? Will this design Work? Etc...

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Re: Newbie: V6 design for DR

Post by Gostev »

Hi David, looks good to me! Thanks.

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