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Newby - backup retention & vmotion

Post by msullivan@csa1.com »

I'm trying to understand retention policy & vmotion. I have 4 hosts and a backup job for each host. Last night one of the jobs failed to backup one vm. This morning the vm was migrated to anoter host. I later told the Backup to "Retry Job", and the job ran successfully, but nothing was backed up.

If I understand correctly, Veeam deletes old backups based on vm restore points in the backup. If I have selected 4 "Restore points to keep on disk", and a vm is migrated to another host, will my HostBackup fail to remove old backups.

Also, I'm thinking that backing up by datastore, would be a better option, since some of our vm's share the same datastore, and due to time constraints, one of our 4 HostBackups may be backing up the same datastore at the same time and cause performance issues.

I like the "Host" backup option because, someone may add a new datastore and vm, and the backup job will just pick it up.

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Re: Newby - backup retention & vmotion

Post by Gostev »

Hi - backing up by datastore, or using VM folder would certainly be a better option in the environment with VMotion. If you are concerned about newly added VMs being automatically picked up and backed up without having to update your backup jobs, just be sure to add the "Newly discovered VMs" folder in one of the jobs. Thanks.

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