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old restore points have not aged off

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I have noticed that I have several servers that we are no longer backing up but who still have restore points. I think my process is wrong for those instances when I no longer need to backup a server and wanted to check your thoughts. I have searched through documentation but didn't find anything to specifically answer my question.

When I have a backup job that I no longer need I have been marking the job "disable". But I have noticed that the restore points for the servers associated with this job are not aging off.

Should I instead just disable the schedule for that job instead of disabling the whole job? And if I re-enable the job and disable the schedule will the aging of restore points start up automatically? Could I force the aging to occur?

If this is process is incorrect ... what is the recommended process for the situation I have described - servers that I no longer need to backup but want the restore points to age off as appropriate.

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Re: old restore points have not aged off

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Disabling job schedule is in fact the same thing as pressing "Disable" in the drop-down menu.

There are several options:

1. If you don't need those restore points anymore, then you should just delete them from the "Backups - Disk" node.
2. You can remove the VMs from the job and use "Retention for deleted objects"

But, as far as I understand your request, you want the backups to be merged/deleted by retention just as if the job was still active, but without creation of new restore points, is that correct?


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Re: old restore points have not aged off

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That's why I prefer retention by dates, not number of storage points.

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Re: old restore points have not aged off

Post by foggy »

This actually doesn't matter in this case, since if the job is disabled, there's no chance it could process retention.

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