OtherOS FLR Appliance failed to restore files if UUID change

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OtherOS FLR Appliance failed to restore files if UUID change

Veeam Logoby svyatoslav.vorona » Thu Nov 10, 2016 10:09 am


I had a case 01971166 with following issue:

- During OtherOS restore customer experienced error 'Cannot find a mapping rule matching directory path [..]'
- Root cause was server re-install, because of it all block devices UUID had been changed
- Obviously as OtherOS FLR checking for block devices UUID and trying to find if it's mounted 'Restore' option failed, only 'Copy To' works.

This is the point the customer wants to let us know.

Feature request: If there is a way to make "Restore to original location" work even if the machine has been re-installed, that would be even better!
Because from user-perspective (user = machine owner), it's still the original location, in this case it is still /opt on svoarnarch02.
Otherwise, a more usable message, stating that the UUID's have been changed (perhaps re-map them?), would solve a big part of the problem...

If there is a way at least to warn customer what went wrong here (I mean more verbose error) so it will be good if we can consider it in next versions, because customer has a lot of questions at this point like:

- what's wrong with VMware?
- what's wrong with Veeam?

This is what customer asked me to do. Kindly please check this message. Thank you.
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Re: OtherOS FLR Appliance failed to restore files if UUID ch

Veeam Logoby Andreas Neufert » Fri Nov 11, 2016 11:38 pm

Hi, this is a common Feature request. Same situation can happen when you use Instant VM recovery and want to restore files from old restore point afterwards.
This is already discussed with Product Management and they are aware of this situation and feature request.
Thank you for the feedback.
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