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Please clarify KB1054

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The release notes for Veeam B&R refer to KB1054 regarding Hot Add limitations.

In KB1054 we can read that "HotAdd transport cannot mount large (1 TB) VMDK files" with a reference to this dead link.

I am wondering if the mentioned limitation still applies in the latest version of Veeam B&R?

On a similar note there is no mentioning of VMFS5 having a block size of 1MB and supporting files up to 2TB in size. As the document has been updated recently I am under the impression that it should still be accurate, so I think this (and the thing I mentioned first) should be corrected :)
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Re: Please clarify KB1054

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This limitation actually was fixed from my knowledge with VDDK 5.0 (which we now use). That was a limitation that was fixed in later VDDK versions. VMFS5 datastores don't have this issue anymore if they are new datastores, and they only have a 1MB blocksize anymore to fix a lot of these problems.
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Re: Please clarify KB1054

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The link is fixed.
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