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Pre-freeze script runs too quickly

Post by cragmuer » Nov 22, 2018 8:50 am

I have a job that includes a number of CentOS servers where one needs to be shutdown before a snapshot is taken. Normally I'd just run a pre/post-job script to shutdown the VM, but I need this VM to be powered on while the other VMs are processing. In order to accommodate this, I used a pre-freeze script so it runs before the VM is backed up and a post-job script to power it on when the job finishes.

My issue is, the pre-freeze shutdown script runs too fast and the job fails because the server isn't shutdown by the time Veeam starts the snapshot. I guess I could create a job just for that one server and use pre/post job scripts, but before I do that I was just curious if there's any way to delay a snapshot so it waits for the server to shutdown. Is it possible to pass a delay command somewhere to make Veeam wait a specific amount of time after it runs the pre-freeze script?

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Re: Pre-freeze script runs too quickly

Post by Dima P. » Nov 22, 2018 10:10 am

Hi and welcome to the community cragmuer.

There is no such delay in the Veeam B&R job UI, but I wonder if it's possible to include the delay or sleep to the pre freeze job script you are using? Cheers!

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