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problem replication

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We are currently using VEEAM Backup & Replication V6. The backups work pretty well, but the replication is a disaster.
The « Optical Fiber » option is chosen, but VEEAM still choses to do the replication via ethernet, and as a result our whole network crumbles down.
We have decided to buy the 6.5 version. Do you think this will help us solve our problem ?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: problem replication

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We have decided to buy the 6.5 version.
If you already have valid VB&R licence, there is no need to buy additional one for 6.5 version.

Can you elaborate a little bit on what you’ve meant by “Optic Fiber” option being chosen?


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Re: problem replication

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Guedon, if you are referring to Direct SAN mode, than this stands for the VM data retrieval from source storage, the data itself is transferred between the proxy servers over the network. Could you please also elaborate on your setup? What kind of proxy servers do you use for replication job? What are compression settings? Are you replicating locally or to remote location? All these will allow to better understand your issue and come up with some advice. Bottleneck stats for the replication job will also give us some information. Thanks.

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