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Problems searching for file to restore from linux vm?

Post by jdoe »

I am evaluating Veeam Backup & Replication v6.1. It happens that all the vm's on the ESX hosts I'm backing up are running Linux. Backups are working great. However, I don't see how I can search the backed up content, and the restore process seems cumbersome.

I've already read the 'Sticky FAQ' topic at http://forums.veeam.com/viewtopic.php?f ... 748#p39890 , which doesn't help: my backup jobs have the 'Enable guest file system indexing' attribute checked, but I don't find a context wherein I can search the backups.

The only method I can find to examine the files that were backed up is to click Home->Restore, then select "Guest files (other OS)", click Next->Next, select a backup job name, and then select a specific virtual machine.

I have several problems with this approach:

1) This suggests I can't search all backed-up content for a given file - instead, I must limit the search to a single v.m. Is that true?

2) Once I finish the FLR restore wizard, a window pops open allowing me to browse the backed-up content for the v.m. and backup-point-in-time that I chose, but I don't see a way to search that content. Am I missing it?

3) When I close the browse window described in point 2 above, how can I re-access browsing again? Do I have to repeat the entire Restore menu clicks and the FLR wizard again?

4) Another result of closing the browse window, is that the 'VeeamFLR_*' vm that was automagically created, is powered off. I can see it via vSphere, but I can't do anything with it in vSphere except to view it's summary, and remove it from inventory. Why is it left here if I can't do anything with it? Am I missing some way to interact with it?


p.s. in order to ask a basic usage statement like this on the forum, I had to open a support case. That makes no sense, but hey, now there's support case ID 5214746
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Re: Problems searching for file to restore from linux vm?

Post by Gostev »

Hello John

Guest file indexing (and thus search capability) currently only supports Windows file systems, as per description of the corresponding step of the job wizard.

3) Yes.

4) For future restore operations (keeping it there will save some time during the following wizard runs).

You do not have to create a support case to post basic usage questions - but only when you are experiencing any sort of error or technical issues, such as when our product does not work as advertized.

Thank you!
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