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proxy and veeam server communication

Post by theviking84 »

This might be complicated so forgive me, and I can clarify further on request.

Scenario: veeam server is a vm on 10.10.10.x subnet. Veeam proxy is a physical server with 2 nics. 1 nic connects to 1gb management network subnet 10.10.20.x and is able to communicate with veeam server. Second nic is 10gb sas connected to 10gb switches that have the vmware vsan environment on it. Plan is to have the 10gb sas nic on the physical veeam proxy be on the 10.10.30.x subnet which exists only on these 10gb switches and is the esxi management subnet.

So overall, what I'm trying to understand here is, can the veeam server vm do all its api communications to the veeam proxy over the 1gb link between 10.10.10.x and 10.10.20.x and they each know to talk to each other over this necessary way, and yet at the same time the proxy is able to perform actual backup/restore data/traffic over the other 10gb link which is on the esxi host subnet? You can assume that network/routing wise this is all taken care of. It's just a matter of veeam knowing it has to use the faster 10gb link which is on same subnet as esxi host management ip to do all backup/restore stuff, but then turn around and talk to the actual veeam "server" over the other nic.

I do know that there is a preferred networks area in veeam, but that seems to only say to try to use the 10gb ips for seemingly "all" b&r traffic. It doesn't specify like veeam server to proxy traffic vs proxy to vmware host and to repo traffic... Maybe the way its handled is whatever name/ip I add the proxy to the veeam server initially with, that is the ip it will try to do all veeam server to proxy traffic with?

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Re: proxy and veeam server communication

Post by HannesK »

you need the connections mentioned in the user guide https://helpcenter.veeam.com/docs/backu ... 100#backup

Backup server to ESXi servers for example is missing in your design.

Preferred networks only help, if the IP routing itself is set up correctly.

I always like to advise: KISS. Keep it stupid simple. The separate management network seems to me an anachronistic approach of a sense of security. If I manage to own a host that is connected to both networks, then I'm already in both networks.
It doesn't specify like veeam server to proxy traffic vs proxy to vmware host and to repo traffic
KISS :-)

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