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Proxy Hot Add Disks, vSAN, and Storage Policies

Post by bhagen »

How do I ensure that when a disk is Hot Added to one of my Veeam Proxy servers, that disk uses a certain storage policy?

I've been having latency issues during replications, and (among myriad other things) I noticed that my veeam proxy VMs are all set to FTT=1. I want to set all the hot added disks to FTT=0 (why do twice the amount of work when these disks are transient?) when they're added. I have a policy called FTT=0.


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Re: Proxy Hot Add Disks, vSAN, and Storage Policies

Post by HannesK »

I don't believe that HotAdd with FTT=1 or FTT=0 has any influence on the backup speed. The hot-add process does not store any data, it's just reading. So FTT does not have any influence from my point of view.

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