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Proxy Servers. When do we need it?

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Hi all. Was wondering when do we need a proxy server. I understand that the backup and replication server is able to act as a proxy server too.
Do we have to look at the size of the VM before we need 1 or the number of jobs?

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Re: Proxy Servers. When do we need it?

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Yes, proxy server is installed as a part of Veeam B&R installation and depending on the size and configuration of your environment it could be enough to use just this default proxy server. Basically, if you meet your backup window, then there are no reasons to have additional proxies. Otherwise, adding more proxies might help to spread the load and shorten the time your backup jobs take. The more proxy servers you have, the more VMs you can process in parallel.

Another case when you would need to deploy additional proxies is if you'd like to use hotadd to retrieve VM data from the production datastore - in this case you need a proxy on each host where the source VMs reside. Also, you need to have proxy server deployed at the target site in case of offsite replication for optimal data transfer performance. I recommend reviewing the architectural user guide sections for more details.

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Re: Proxy Servers. When do we need it?

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Also, additional proxies might be useful for hot add restores on hosts with local storage.

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