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Question about what i need

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I would like to expose you my situation and ask for the best license to buy.
I am actually using a vmware server and veeam 7 to backup. I have no subscription. I have in my mind to completely change everything. I would like to buy two Dell PowerEdge R630 and make them in High Availability, working together on the same NAS. In case of disaster on a machine, the other will take it place. I will have a second NAS to replicate the other. I would like to use Veeam in order to perform regular backup of the servers (working as a single server). Am i able to buy a new Veeam Essential License in order to perform backups of this structure? Does it cover both servers (2 cores each)?

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Re: Question about what i need

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Hi Simone,

You need to buy license keys for all source hosts, meaning that if you're planning to backup VMs only from 1 host, then the amount of sockets should match the number of sockets on that very server. Since you're not going to backup anything from second host, then you don't need license keys for that.


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