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Questions on 1 Year Data Retention Backup Job Settings

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I need to backup a VM with 11TB of data and retain those backups for 1 year. I have been reading about GFS retention and feel that's the way to go. However, I'm unclear as to the specific settings for the Backup Job and the Backup Copy Job to facilitate this. My hope is to get some feedback here to confirm/correct the job settings.

I have a Backup Job that retains 24 restore points. It runs weekday incremental and Saturday synthetic fulls.

I then am looking to create a Backup Copy Job from the job mentioned above. It will copy data out to a SOBR to AWS, and have enabled the restore points to keep for archival monthly backup set to 12 on the first Sunday of the month. Do I need to set the “Restore points to keep” to 12 as well, or are these two settings independent of one another?

What else am I not considering or have incorrect?

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Re: Questions on 1 Year Data Retention Backup Job Settings

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Hi Richard, the “Restore points to keep” setting refers to the "regular" part of the backup copy job. Restore points in the regular chain are created according to the 'Copy every' interval value - daily in case the interval is set to 1 day, for example. The lowest possible value is 2 to have one full and one increment in the regular chain, while still having 12 monthly GFS restore points set aside, those are independent. Thanks!

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