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Quick LAB return

Post by omorin »

I have installed a lab to test Veeam 10 with a linux Proxy.
Veeam is on a fresh new installed I3 with Windows 10.
An Ubuntu server 18.04 VM is installed with 16 Gb disk, 4 Gb ram and 2 Vcpu.
A repository is prepared on a Synology server in SMB.
My esx is in 6.5.
Duration of the lab preparation : 3 h.

Everything works fine !

Trick :You just have to add the disk.enableUUID=true in vSphere for the du proxy Ubuntu VM.

Dima P.
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Re: Quick LAB return

Post by Dima P. »

Hello Olivier,

Thank you for sharing and glad to hear that everything works as expected.
A repository is prepared on a Synology server in SMB.
Small note/suggestion: with v10 we've also added support for NFS repository, so I'd recommend to use it instead of SMB repository. Cheers!

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