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Quick migration but incremental?

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Hello everyone,

I am right now in middle of planning a migration from one ESXi host to another.
The Quick Migration function is really good, but it takes really long to transfer the VMs.

I want to have the downtime as short as possible, so I had the idea to already transfering the VMs, while they are still running onto the other ESXi and just in the moment of switching between the old and new hosts, transferring some kind of incremental snapshots of the VMs.

Whats the best method in your opinion?

Kind regards

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Re: Quick migration but incremental?

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Hi Neo

I recommend to use our replica Jobs to replicate the entire vm to the new hypervisor.
And on the day you want to switch to the new host, shutdown the original vm, do a last incremental replica run and then you can do a failover to the new host.
That will be the shortest downtime.

https://helpcenter.veeam.com/docs/backu ... ml?ver=110

Just as a Note, after the replication, the vms will have a new MoRefID and Veeam will start a new backup chain.

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