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Quick question on replica mapping and target datastore

Post by Bunce »

Upgraded to V6 and created new replicatiion jobs using replica mapping to V5 copies. Proxy set at destination side as per recs.

Can the location of the new jobs point to the existing location of the Replica's that are being mapped?

By definitaion the existing replicas will obviously be used since we're specifying them in the mapping, but we also have available the Datastore option on the Destination tab.

I'm currently getting 'cannot complete operation as the file or folder is in use ..' pointing to the vmdk file, so thought the fact that I pointed to the same datastore as the replica's are sitting in may cause this?

If I specify a different location, wouldn't I then end up with a copy of the replica and hence blow twice the storage space of my LUN, albeit temporarily until I delete the old replica?
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Re: Quick question on replica mapping and target datastore

Post by foggy »

Andrew, when VM is mapped to an existing replica, the existing replica VM gets overwritten with the source VM data (actually, target host/datastore/etc. job settings are being ignored for that VM). So, answering your last question, you do not need additional space for the replica VM, the same VM is reused.

Regarding the error message, seems that it is caused by something else (maybe the replica VM is turned on or the file is somehow locked, need to see logs). I would suggest to address our support team with your log files for investigation. Thanks!
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Re: Quick question on replica mapping and target datastore

Post by juz_far »

I've just run into a similar issue and found the following VMware Article on the issue.

http://kb.vmware.com/selfservice/micros ... Id=1008058

It has resolve the issue for me. What I have done is

Locate the VM folder within the required VMFS datastore.
Look in the folder and see if there are any existing *delta-* files present. In each case there was one delta file visible
rename the delta file *delta*.BAK eg/ VMname-000003-delta.vmdk.BAK
Attempt and confirm snapshots working from VI Client
Delete any test snapshots and re-run the replication job to confirm workign successfully.

Most likely my next replication run shall move a larger amount of data but replication jobs are up and running once more.
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