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Re-adding VM in a job = new backup object

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I had to remove/re-add vms from jobs but I now realize that I have new backups being created for these VMs. How can I get rid of the "old objects" in my backups ?
Is the only solution to enable the "remove deleted vms data after" parameter and set it to 0 day ?

Thank you.

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Re: Re-adding VM in a job = new backup object

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Hi Eric, any chance you have re-registered these VMs in virtual infrastructure between removing and adding them back to the job? Or maybe they were initially added via the host directly and you've added them back via vCenter? In these cases, VM IDs have changed and they are treated by Veeam B&R as the new ones resulting in new full backups for those. You can wait until deleted VMs retention comes into action and backups for old objects are deleted (or set it to a shorter period). To avoid such behavior in the future, use backup mapping.

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