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Recovered VMs cannot be exported any more with VMW Converter

Post by helman » Sep 28, 2012 1:28 pm

Maybe someone can help me.

Any VM that was restored from a Veeam-Backup (at least those exported with a new name) cannot be exported any more with VMware Converter. All I get is "Cannot get hardware information for this machine" after choosing the VM.

The converter worker log seems to indicate that something in the new restored VM actually points to the disk paths of the _old_ VM (which it can't open).

But from a first look, nothing in the new files actually references the path of the old VM's files.

For example the original VM was in [SANfs] Linux-VPNGW/Linux-VPNGW.vmdk
I restore a backup from this for testing to [SANfs] Linux-VPNGW-test_restored/Linux-VPNGW.vmdk

looking at the logs, vmware-converter still tries to open the former file while trying to export the latter: 2012-09-28T14:55:01.983+02:00 [01564 warning 'Default'] [,0] [NFC ERROR] NfcFssrvrProcessErrorMsg: received diskLib error 16392 from server: NfcFssrvrOpen: Failed to open '[SANfs] Linux-VPNGW/Linux-VPNGW.vmdk': Failed to lock the file

because the original VM is still running.

Cloning the restored VM fixes the problem (for the clone at least)- but I still can't find out where converter get those wrong paths. The VMX looks okay (only referencing relative paths, so it should all stay in the working directory).

What did I miss?

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