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Reference architecture for client with many sites

Post by sambsamb » Nov 27, 2014 10:54 am

Is there a reference architecture for Veeam 8 implementation for a client like:
22 sites, each site having 2-20 ESXi hosts, 2-141 VMs, 126GB - 34TB, spanning 3 regions (EMEA, NA, APAC)
Requirements include centralized administration, minimal administrative day-to-day effort, local and cloud backup. Cloud backup must remain in same region for regulatory purposes.
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Re: Reference architecture for client with many sites

Post by Shestakov » Nov 27, 2014 2:27 pm

Hello Sam,

Yes, there is. Take a look at distributed deployment scenario.
Enterprise Manager will work great to achieve centralized management and reporting through a web interface.

What is a general backup strategy and DR requirements?
Using local backups for all 22 sites + backup copy to cloud repositories looks like a plan.

You can pick 3 service providers for cloud connect and use one for each region. The list of service providers is published on the Veeam website and constantly updated. You can select the necessary SP from the list and contact this SP to get the cloud repository service.

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