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Replicating VMs with TPM / Bitlocker?

Post by joebranca »

I'm new to this scenario that was just deployed. What are the known issues/limitations to doing this? So far I see the re-IP upon failover doesn't work, which makes sense since the offline VM can't have any data changes to the OS disk presumably. We also came across WIndows DC replicas coming online with incorrect Windows time (exactly 8 hours ahead of PST instead of what it says its set to, PST), which it appears to be getting from the CMOS clock (failover in a bubble with no access to NTP server). However a Veeam replication/failover should not have any effect on the CMOS clock correct?
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Re: Replicating VMs with TPM / Bitlocker?

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the limitations are listed in the user guide

While I personally would avoid replicating domain controllers (I so old enough to remember USN rollbacks), I cannot remember anything around wrong clock. Do you have a Veeam support case number for that observation?

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Re: Replicating VMs with TPM / Bitlocker?

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We do not take care about any clock related things. The operating system will start and get from whatever is configured the time. First this will be from the hardware at boot. Which in this case is emulated by the virtualization host. I would check the time settings there. If the OS is started then this time might change based on NTP or other time settings within Windows. So it is mor of a question for the Windows Admin.

If disk is encrypted, we can not set the reIP settings as we do not have access to the registry.
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