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Replication and backups

Post by ashman70 » Nov 30, 2014 7:55 pm

We have just introduced a new host at a customer that we want to use for replication, its onsite with the main Esxi host. Currently we do backups every day and would like to introduce replication for DR. How would you suggest running replication jobs and backup jobs so they don't overlap? Ideally there are a few guests we would like to replicate perhaps every 15-30 minutes, however these same guests also get backed up every night?

My limited understanding of how Veeam accomplishes backups and replication is with the use of snapshots, essentially veeam takes a snapshot of the guest and performs the backup or replication from that snapshot, is this correct? What would happen if the guest say rebooted due to windows update during a backup or replication job?

We are still on Veeam 6.5.1 and plan to upgrade to V8 soon.

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Re: Replication and backups

Post by Vitaliy S. » Nov 30, 2014 9:07 pm

You can either replicate from backups (feature of v8) or use the same backup server and run all jobs at the same time. If you prefer to go the second route and use single backup console, there will be no issues with jobs overlap. See the explanation from Tom below:
tsightler wrote:If two jobs attempt to process the same VM at the same time, the second job will skip that VM and continue with other VMs within the job. It will then retry the skipped VM's until they are available to be processed.
ashman70 wrote:What would happen if the guest say rebooted due to windows update during a backup or replication job?
Nothing that would affect your backup jobs happen, see this topic for further reading > Backup Job still running despite reboot?

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