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Replication - Failing: Different subnets & memory connection

Post by brichardson1991_obk » Jun 29, 2016 8:25 am

Network 1 - LAN: 192.168.6.x - ISCSI: 10.10.40.X
OBK-Backup (Backup seed's located locally here) - This is a physical server with 2 NICs
NIC1: 192.168.6.x
NIC2: Unplugged
OBK-Vproxy - This is a VM on 192.168.6.x network

Network 2 - LAN: 192.168.250.X - ISCSI: 10.10.20.X
NIC1: 192.168.250.x
NIC2: 10.10.20.x
NIC3: 192.168.6.x
NIC4: 10.10.40.X
mgmt-vcentre (is on this host)

Target Storage device
NIC1: 192.168.250.x
NIC2: 10.10.20.x
NIC3: 10.10.40.X

Morning, all.

I am having a little issue with a new replication job that i am trying to setup. What I am trying to do is replicate VM's from the OBK-ESX hosts to the Sprite-esx06 host.

I have set the job up to pull the initial seed from the OBK-backup server where the daily backups are stored.

Now i was hoping that because we have a proxy and the target storage & host are on both Network 1 (192.168.250.x, 10.10.20.x) and Network 2 (192.168.6.x, 10.10.40.x) that this job would be as simple as creating the job in Veeam and pressing go.

However when the job starts I get the following informational error:
No available proxies are running on ESX(i) management interface subnet. Using proxies from a different subnet, performance may be impacted.

The job still starts however and it starts to pull from the backup seed however, it only does at most up to 1 GB of the backup files before I get an error message:

Code: Select all

29/06/2016 09:01:27 :: Error: Failed to open VDDK disk [[MGMT-R5-Replication-Storage] OBK-Sql_replica_2/OBK-Sql_1_1.vmdk] ( is read-only mode - [false] )
Failed to open virtual disk
Logon attempt with parameters [VC/ESX: [mgmt-vcentre.sprite.local];Port: 443;Login: [admbenr@sprite];VMX Spec: [moref=vm-1743];Snapshot mor: [snapshot-1744];Transports: [nbd];Read Only: [false]] failed because of the following errors:
Failed to download disk.
Shared memory connection was closed.
Failed to upload disk.
Agent failed to process met 
Any insights into why this might be failing.
I've raised it under ref: 01827162 but the delay between the agent and myself is quite long and was hoping for a second pair of eyes on the setup.

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