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replication failover and failback

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Hi everyone,

I have a question about replication failover and failback scenario. In our replication situation, we keep four snapshots for each virtual machine. In the case of last disaster (encryption malware attack), I made a permanent failover for one of the affected virtual machines. All is cool. The bad part is that as part of the permanent failover process, it removes all the other snapshots. In this particular case, the same machine is attacked a second time the second day. This time, we do not have any snapshots left. So we have to go back to the backup to recover the virtual machine. The data recovered is two days old now. On replication, the copies are only a few hours old.

So I am thinking, it would very nice if all the snapshots are kept even if we make the failover permanent. Then I can still failover to other snapshots if the first permanent failover is corrupt or attacked again. Is there an easy way to achieve this? How about keeping the temporary failover for longer time? Does anyone have some idea or better solution about this?



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Re: replication failover and failback

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Hi George,

The first step of permanent failover is to remove replica restore points from the list of replicas in the Veeam B&R console and to clear associated files from the datastore. That`s just a part of it.
George2014 wrote:How about keeping the temporary failover for longer time?
It`s good idea to make sure you have no threats in a production site before performing permanent failover and to make a snapshot (or better a backup).
Thank you.

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