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Replication fails between hosts

Post by Clement » Sep 27, 2017 9:57 am

Hello everyone,

First of all here is our case ID: 02295225

We have a problem with the replication of VM between two hosts, every time it fails with this error:

27/09/2017 11:19:51 :: Error: Failed to open VDDK disk [[SATA_7K2_REPLICA]] ( is read-only mode - [false] )
Logon attempt with parameters [VC/ESX: [srv-vcenter];Port: 443;Login: [administrator@vsphere.local];VMX Spec: [moref=vm-7181];Snapshot mor: [snapshot-7182];Transports: [nbd];Read Only: [false]] failed because of the following errors:
Failed to download disk.
Shared memory connection was closed.
Failed to upload disk.
Agent failed to process method {DataTransfer.S

Here are the tests that we realised with the support:

- Change the parameters of the veeam proxy (usually we don't use another VM to do so, we use only the veeam server directly)
- check if any other disks could be added without us noticing it on the proxy
- check if ssl was active > it is

Here is hat we did yesterday

-In Veeam, Instead of the DNS name of the vcenter, we used the IP address > job still failed
-Tried to connect directly the replication job to the ESXi host and without the vcenter > job still failed
-Full reinstallation of the target esxi server > installation was OK but replication failed again.
-We formatted entirely the datastore of the target host > format ok but replication still failed.
-We deleted the RAID of the datastore of the target host > replication still failed
-We created a whole new server for Veeam to be installed on with only the basic settings to test the replication only > still the same error.

I check on veeam forum / google etc and found some solution but none worked.

If anyone has any inputs or clues we would gladly listen to them.

Thanks !

Veeam Software
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Re: Replication fails between hosts

Post by foggy » Oct 01, 2017 10:19 pm

Hi Clement, please continue investigating with your support engineer and ask for the case escalation, if required. Issues of this kind always require deep logs analysis.

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