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Replication, how often.

Post by ashman70 »

I am relatively new to replication and would like to know from other Veeam users in environments similar to mine (small to medium size businesses) if you replicated VM's do you replicate them 24x7 or only during business hours? Certainly a disaster can strike at any time and if one does after business hours when you are not replicating that can be bad, however since most serves are used very little after hours (usually the case in my environments) the loss of data would be minimal, but there would still be data loss.

Just looking to get some feedback. If this is the wrong place to post this, I apologize.

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Re: Replication, how often.

Post by foggy »

This is the right place to post such questions, don't worry. However, I would note that your backup and replication policy should not depend on what others are doing but should be based on RPO requirements adopted in your company. If you find it critical to lose changes occurred after business hours, then you definitely should perform replication at that time.

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