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Replication Jobs stucked at 99%

Post by miguel_on »


I use Veeam B&R and I have random issues with my jobs.

Some of them are stucked for hours at 99 %. I can't stop them and they don't initiate the VMware snapshot removal operation.

It's a random but frequent issue since I've upgraded form VB&R version 5 to version 6.

Has anybody got a clue about it?

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Re: Replication Jobs stucked at 99%

Post by foggy »

Miguel, please open a support case, logs should be reviewed to define the reason of such behavior.

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Re: Replication Jobs stucked at 99%

Post by Threonine »

I just had a replication job seem to hang at 99% for several hours, but I figured out the cause after checking the target host... there was a snapshot removal taking place that was just taking a long time to complete. The job details showed the "Finalizing" part of the job took over 7 hours to complete.

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