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Replication question

Post by ashman70 » Jul 17, 2015 9:04 pm

If using Veeam standard and doing replications, is it possible for the following scenario to occur:

A source windows VM experiences a problem during a windows update in the middle of the night at 2AM and after rebooting is stuck or hung but remains ping able on the network

A replication job configured to replicate this VM every half hour and only keep seven restore points, continues to replicate this VM. Users come in at 8AM and cannot connect to this machine, its replica is no good because it contains the same hung state as the source VM.

Is this kind of scenario or one like it possible? Should people who have Veeam Standard make it a regular practice to check their replicas to make sure they boot, on a weekly or bi weekly schedule? Will there be any features in upcoming versions of Veeam Backup standard that will be able to let an admin know their replica is healthy and good, or is this done already and if so to what extent?

Without having my customers spend the money for Enterprise edition, I just want to know that my replicas are good and healthy, unless actually starting them up and testing them is the only sure way.



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Re: Replication question

Post by dellock6 » Jul 18, 2015 9:16 am

we have SureReplica in our software that is designed exactly for this:
http://helpcenter.veeam.com/backup/80/v ... plica.html
However you said you have the Standard edition, while SureReplica is available in Enterprise and Enterprise Plus editions, so probably you already looked into this.

If you have automatic windows updates, my best suggestion is, together with replicas, to also have backups of those VMs and be sure they are successful BEFORE any windows update operation starts. If the VM is corrupted by windows update, you will restore the VM from the latest backup. With instant VM recovery (this one available also in the Standard edition) you will have the VM back online quickly, and then you will re-align the replica from the restored VM.

Another option could be to temporarely disable replications during a windows update, so possible issues are not replicated, especially with such a short retention (we are talking about just 3 hours with 6 points every 30 minutes...)
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