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Replication Robustness: Frequent Invalid Snapshots

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We are having frequent issues with replica VMs having orphaned "Veeam Replica Working Snapshots" due to various issues that occur during the replication process (some preventable, some not, e.g. WAN dropping temporarily, Veeam server crashing which hasn't been an issue since ReFS fix, datastore filling up, etc.). This wouldn't be such an issue if I could just delete the working snapshot and replication would complete at next job run, but almost every time it results in an invalid snapshot configuration and I have to go through the arduous process of trying to repair the replica manually or deal with a CID mismatch. Most of the time it's just easier to delete the replica and start over, but this is obviously less than ideal. I'm wondering if others are experiencing these issue as often as we are and if there any plans to improve robustness of replication mechanisms to be able to withstand various job failures in the future or at the very least, be able to self-heal a broken replica.

EDIT: I should have mentioned that we have a target proxy local to each site and are not using Veeam WAN acceleration.

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Re: Replication Robustness: Frequent Invalid Snapshots

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I have that same issue on larger VM file server over 5tb in size all the time, hope to find a better answer then just delete the VM and start over.

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