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Replication to a Backup Exec restored drive query

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Hi all,

We are just in the process of building a replication site for our vSphere environment. At the source site they have been using a combination of Veeam and Backup Exec 2010 backing up the environment. Due to limited storage and Veeams inability to backup direct to tape (D2T), the OS vmdk files are backed up using Veeam and the data (which is huge) is backed up directly to tape using Backup Exec.

On the replication site, we are able to restore the Veeam OS backups direct to the SAN. We are then required to create and present new vmdk files for the data, format the disks within the OS and then restore the data to these drives using Backup Exec.

My question is, will Veeam 'mapped replication' work for this method of creating an initial replica, or is it expecting to see specific vmdk files and won't recognise\replicate to the newly created ones?

Thanks in advance for your answers.



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Re: Replication to a Backup Exec restored drive query

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Dave, you will be able to map the replication job to a VM created using the described way.

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