Host-based backup of VMware vSphere VMs.
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Replication to remote site from remote Backup Copy

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I have 2 sites, Primary and DR. Each site has it's own physical server with storage configured as repositories (Pri-Repo and DR-Repo). I have created a backup copy job that copies backups from the Primary site to the DR site repository DR-Repo. I know I can create a replication job to an ESX server or vCenter at teh DR site based on the backup copies on DR-Repo.

My question is how does that traffic flow work? I would assume that a local proxy at the DR-Site would read from the DR-Repo (the DR-Repo server is also a proxy server), but I want to verify that is the case. I don't want the traffic to have to go back over the slow WAN link to the Veeam B&R server at the Primary site and then back to the DR site.

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Re: Replication to remote site from remote Backup Copy

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Hi Curt,

I guess you're asking about the replication data traffic? The data traffic flow: DR repo -> the target DR proxy -> the target ESXi. However, the management traffic circulates from the DR site to the Primary one where Veeam B&R is located but it cannot impact job or infrastructure performance.

Also, the best practice is to keep Veeam B&R on the DR site to ensure seamless restore and failover in case of the Primary site failure.

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