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Replication VM size is double the actual size

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I have some large VM's that seem to have issues with replication (as in they fail) one of them is 326GB but with I try to Replicate it to a datastore that has 750GB of free space, it fails stating that the VM is larger than the available space on the traget data store. This doesn't make any sense. the VM is in fact half the size of the available space. Why would VEEAM think my 326GM vm is 750+gb??

I Fact I've noticed that Replication consitantly indicates that my VM's are 2x their actual size. How do I fix this? or is this a function of the fact that it counts the Seeding size + the first replication size as the total VM size?? I need this fixed. I have a 1.5TB VM that I need to a replicate. and based on what I am seeing, it will never be able to replicate (until I upgrade my environement from ESX 4.1 to ESXi 5.0)
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Re: Replication VM size is double the actual size

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Pierre, what kind of disks does this VM have (thin/thick, RDM?) and what are replication job settings regarding the disks?
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