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Repository type question

Post by backupquestions » Apr 29, 2019 5:31 pm

We are looking at Dell PowerEdge R7425 with 9 8TB 7.2k rpm NLSAS drives inside it, and then a Dell MD1400 enclosure attached to this server via 12gb SAS with 12 more 6TB 7.2k rpm SAS drives.

Perc H840 raid controller with 8GB nv cache etc.

Originally we were thinking much larger disks and only using the server itself without the MD1400. But Dell is telling us to go smaller drives due to raid rebuild times.

Something that isn't clear to me though, is what kind of performance we could expect with Veeam using something like this.

What if the internal disks are one raid6 group, and then the external disks in the MD1400 device are another raid6 group? I would lose the performance of the extra spindles in Veeam if everything is not all one big LUN of say Raid60 combining the internal and the shelf disks right?

This is a huge purchase and decision and would like to get some input on whether my planned hardware would work OK with veeam for things like instant recovery, or restoring entire volumes/servers. Networking wise, everything will be connected at 10gb and you can see the drives are all 12gb sas so should have good throughput.

Andreas Neufert
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Re: Repository type question

Post by Andreas Neufert » Apr 29, 2019 6:50 pm

You can add the two repositories as a Scale out Backup Repository and Veeam will spread the load across the 2 volumes.

These disks are relatively big and will give you good capacity, on the other side performance vs. capacity is limited. You will get arround 75 I/O per second per 7,2k drive independent from size.

The question is now for what you want to use it. How many VMs and how much data?

My suggestion is that you note down VM data size, VM count, backup window, backup chain requirements and so on and give it to your Veeam partner. They should be able to recommend you a server or storage for it. In the end this partner will be responsible then to meet your requirements.

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