requirements/recipe for Veeam 9 => Snapshot via HP 3par

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requirements/recipe for Veeam 9 => Snapshot via HP 3par

Veeam Logoby carlosbehlau » Wed Feb 17, 2016 11:51 am

Hello Veeam experts,

we want to test HP 3par Snapshots and use Veeam 9 Enterprise Plus to test it.

I already found in the Veeam Admin Guide some helpfully information: ... begin.html
Before adding the HPE 3PAR StoreServ storage to the backup infrastructure, check the following prerequisites:

1. A properly configured backup proxy must be added to the backup infrastructure. The backup proxy is required for storage system rescan.
2. The HPE 3PAR Web Services API server must be enabled.
But there are no details.

The Veeam Admin Guide writes:
1. We need a backup proxy.
Is Veeam talking about a separate Veeam Proxy only for storage snapshots?
Can this proxy be a VMware or does it needs to be a hardware (that also needs to be connected to the SAN Network, via a fiber card)?

2. Is the HPE 3PAR Web Service a server, that HP 3par customers already having or do we need to install this server?
(also here: does it needs to be a hardware connected to SAN Network or can we use a VM)?

Is 3par Snapshot working over driver/API Layer, or do we need to setup on the storage side, some sort of SnapShot area?

We are using VMware Sphere 5.5. - are there technical reason to upgrade to VMware 6.x?

Just FYI: I am managing here the Veeam backup and I don't have deep roots into SAN (but of course I am working on it, to change it). I want to understand the recipe, what is required on hardware/software side, so we are able to perform the test.
From my understanding Veeam 9 delivers the drivers during the installation for 3par, netapp, etc. (at least what I saw during the installation and what I found out so far via the Admin Docu).

Thanks for your help, understanding the requirements for storage snapshot via HP 3par /Veeam 9 One Enterprise Plus.

Best regards

Carlos Behlau
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Re: requirements/recipe for Veeam 9 => Snapshot via HP 3par

Veeam Logoby foggy » Wed Feb 17, 2016 4:44 pm

Hi Carlos, the following user guide sections should answer most of the questions in detail:
Configure Backup Proxy
Enable HPE 3PAR Web Services API Server
Veeam Software
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