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marius roma
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Resource not ready: backup repository

Post by marius roma »

What does it mean a message saying "Resource not ready: backup repository"?
I have 12 replica jobs replicating VMs from site A (with 3 proxy servers) to site B (with 3 proxy servers).
Twe backup jab started more than 1 hour ago but are still waiting for backup infrastructure resources availability, and the first VM in each blocked backup reports: "Resource not ready: backup repository": what is supposed to be the backup repository?
How can I ensure that backup jobs start and complete while replica jobs running or maybe stopping replica jobs)?
How can I troubleshoot and solve this issue?

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Re: Resource not ready: backup repository

Post by foggy »

Do you mean replication from backup? In this case, I believe, the source repository is meant. Are replication jobs running at the moment when the backup job start? Actually, replication from backup jobs have lower priority and should be interrupted once the backup job starts. So I'd recommend contacting support to check why this doesn't happen.

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