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Restore from "Restored" Veeam Backup Jobs - Possible?

Post by rciscon »

At the prompting of my CIO, I need the following question answered. Let me lay out the following scenario for you:

Veeam B&R v5 installed on a VMware ESX v4.1 cluster connected to a NetApp FAS3140 via NFS.
A Veeam Backup job has been created and has been running successfully for many months.
The job is configured to keep 100 Restore Points on the disk.
Each month the volume containing the Veeam backup jobs is backed up to tape via NDMP and stored off-site.

After several months, I have tapes with Veeam data that no longer exists on disk---the restore point has gone beyond the specified 100 Restore Points and has rolled the older backups off of the disk.

Is it possible to restore the older Veeam backup data from tape to a different location and restore the old data recovered from tape?

If so, how is this done in Veeam?

Thanks in advance,

Ray Ciscon
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Re: Restore from "Restored" Veeam Backup Jobs - Possible?

Post by chadtandy »

Under Backup go to Import Backup and point it at the old Veeam backup files.

That should do it.

Vitaliy S.
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Re: Restore from "Restored" Veeam Backup Jobs - Possible?

Post by Vitaliy S. »

This procedure is also described in our User Guide (page 206), please have a look.
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