restore: Netapp + storage snapshot

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restore: Netapp + storage snapshot

Veeam Logoby MarcinS » Wed Sep 21, 2016 9:25 am

Hi Guys, i searched forum and find few posts from area of mine problem but very old from 2009 and can not believe that is still not fixed.

Our problem is that when i try to restore VM (instant restore as only that kind is possible for full vm) from Netapp storage snap. As we have not on this Netapp flexclone license so veeam follow documentation before start restore must copy (btw doing this by ndmp) vm files from snap to nfs datastore. Problem is cause every time after 5 mins job/task is stopped and veeam clean all (already copied files) and finish with error. I tested from the same snap for smallest vm and then all finish with success. But when i take bigger Vm (for ex. 250GB) for which 5 min is not enough to copy data so veeam touch 5 min limit and job finish without success.

How to resolve that ? How to change that 5 min limit. I saw in veeam logs that he connect by protocol https and send cli command for ndmp copy. Even changed for netapp httpd timeout from 300s (btw this 5 min) to 600s but it not help. Probably this timeout is deeper coded like was mention by Vitaliy S in one forum post from 2009 = "Yes, the issue lies in the default timeout set in the NDMP library of NetApp. Currently we are investigating possible workarounds for this."

any help with more then welcome ...
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Re: restore: Netapp + storage snapshot

Veeam Logoby foggy » Wed Sep 21, 2016 4:06 pm

Hi Marcin, this is an old one and was reported to NetApp several times already. You can contact support with this, as far as I know there was a hotfix available for this issue, at least for some earlier Veeam B&R versions.
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