Host-based backup of VMware vSphere VMs.
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Restore vm backup to a different vm

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Good Day,

I was wondering if it is an easy process to restore the backup of a particular virtual machine (or even better, an entire vApp) to a different virtual machine (or vApp). The question is based on having two development/test environments, each consisting of a dozen virtual machines, and needing to duplicate one of these environments with the other.
I know this can be done by removing the second vApp and then recreating with copies of the virtual machines in the other but I believe the ability to restore the backup of a virtual machine to a different virtual machine may make the task easier.

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Re: Restore vm backup to a different vm

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and welcome to the forums.

To answer the question better, it would be interesting to know what you mean with "restore". I guess it's about file level restore or disk restore, because it makes little sense to me to overwrite an existing VM and call it "restore". For my scenarios, that's possible in different ways:
1) "copy to" via network
2) (instant) VM disk recovery and just attach the disk to a different VM
3) Data integration API - mount a file system to any machine that can read it and do the restore inside the machine (independent from Veeam)

VM restore to VApp is not possible directly. That needs to be solved via Cloud Director.

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