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Reuse the legacy, can it coexist ? how about legacy support ?

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we see a lot of customers that want to leave the legacy backup platform and need more functionality that can be provided with Veeam.

If a current setup on a physical server is deployed with BackupExec (for example) where backups are stored locally, is it supported to create a Veeam backup repository on this server. In the VMware environment we create the other components like Veeam Backup & Replication server and virtual proxies. Is there an official statement from Veeam regarding this setup ?

I also like to know if there are experiences with possible support issues when for example ( and most probably 😉) an issue occurs within the BackupExec environment and you need to contact vendor support for in this case BackupExec ?

thanks !

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Re: Reuse the legacy, can it coexist ? how about legacy support ?

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I had this once in a enviroment with a tape drive.
Tape Drive was not visible to veeam, as long the backup exec services was running. Backup exec has taken ownership over tape drive with running services.

1 Drive, 1 Backup Software.

If you don‘t have any tape drive on this server, i think parallel installation will not be a problem.
It can be a performance problem, if both backup products are used at the same time todo backups.
For only restore purposes of the old legacy backupexec software, I don‘t see any problem or unsupported scenario.

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Re: Reuse the legacy, can it coexist ? how about legacy support ?

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Personally I wouldn't run both applications on the same machine. If it's absolutely necessary, make sure that two applications do not manage the same activity: application-consistent backups, tape backups, etc. Otherwise, multiple conflicts are expected.


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