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san transport mode does not work

Post by ald »

I have tried an entire VM restore throw a veeam proxy with direct san access
I selected a new datastore for restore and was surprised that the restore took more than 4 hours for a 35 GB Vm
I finally found that the restore was acting in nbd mode but why?

after a while I found out the root cause : the source VM was stored in 2 different datastores (Datastore cluster)
after migrating the configuration files to the same directory where the disks was the restore take 30 minutes

is that a bug? or if not can we have a warning ? in the logs

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Re: san transport mode does not work

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What VM disk types do you have for this VM? Are these disks thin or thick? By mentioning the migration process of the config file, do you say that you've migrated the files, run the backup job and then attempted to restore entire VM to the original location? Or you have chosen to restore all files to the same datastore on this step of the wizard?


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