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SAP Hanna on vSphere - SUSE Linux

Post by pmevalenzuela » Jun 05, 2019 12:06 am


I got a SAP HANNA VM running on SUSE Linux on a single vSphere 6.7 server. The server is licensed with vSphere Standard. No vCenter.

At the moment, I have a community edition. Still working to get approval to buy Veeam license version.

1. Is community edition equivalent to veeam standard or are the enterprise features included as well?
2. I don't want to install any SAP Hanna agents on the VM, would Veeam still be able to back up the VM?
- What would be the disadvantages without installing the Veeam Plug-in for SAP HANA and just doing a normal backup without application awareness?
3. If I shutdown the VM can I still backup the VM ?


Andreas Neufert
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Re: SAP Hanna on vSphere - SUSE Linux

Post by Andreas Neufert » Jun 05, 2019 8:29 am

1) Community edition has Veeam Standard functional level
2) You can backup the server with VMware VM backup methods. You need pre/post scripts to bring HANA in a consistent state.
https://github.com/VeeamHub/application ... s/sap-hana

SAP HANA automatically creates Logfile Backups. You need another place to write them to if you do not license the Veeam Enterprise Plus Edition to get the SAP HANA Plug-in. As well you have to perform backups with our BACKINT Plug-in or to a file destination so that SAP will support your environment. Image level backup (SAP HANA Snapshot backup) is seen as secondary backup.
3) Yes, the VMware VM backup will work.

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