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Hi guys

I'm helping a client migrate from HP Data Protector with HP Storeonce repo's to Veeam with EMC Data Domains as repo's.

Any ideas on how we can efficiently get our backup copies offsite as the WAN links are poor?
Shipping removable media to the sites would also be very time consuming so I would rather not go that way.

Can we for example use the offsite backups of HP DP for seeding?
Our do backups of the VM's in batches?


Egor Yakovlev
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Re: Seeding

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Hi Filip,
we cannot use HPE backups to seed our jobs, however you can perform siteA-local backup with Veeam, transfer it offsite via portable media, and use as a seed of Backup Copy Job. That would be most efficient way in terms of time and network utilization.

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